I moved here from Los Angeles 3 months ago. I was very concerned about finding a good threading salon. Threading Diva has succeeded my expectations with their personable staff and gentle technique. Threading Diva is the best place I had threading since I have move from Southern California. I look forward to coming to each of my appointments, because it is very relaxing in their tranquil environment. I highly recommend Threading Diva to anyone who is looking for an alternative to waxing.
-Gwen Castaneda

Deerfield Beach: I always worried with waxing that it was accelerating the aging process. I feel that the threading technique preserves the integrity of my skin, not to mention it is painless and very gentle. I am thrilled to have discovered the Threading Divas.
-Michele Weisman.

I used to shave my eyebrows and they came out uneven. I had to pencil them in and now my eyebrows are thick and beautiful. Thank You Threading Diva
-Jalixa Ramirez.

Waxing is so unpredictable. You never know what shape you are going to get. I love the consistency of threading. They come out Perfect every time and there is no redness
-Monique Burr 9/23/09

moved to Fort Lauderdale in April and didnot know who was going to be able to thread my eyebrows. I was so grateful to find Threading Diva on the internet and have been coming here ever since then. I always walk out of here impressed with the amazing skill and talent that they posses
-Natalie Jones

ThreadingDiva is the best place in Ft.Lauderdale to get threaded. The quality and service is excellent. You will never be disappointed
-Kelley Meyer

I have been coming here since they opened. I would not go anywhere else. I feel my eyebrows are my signature, they are my expression and Threading Diva , brings them out A Berry.
Private Franchise owner, Biometics

I Love, Love, Love Threading Diva. Waxing my eyebrows was always an unpleasant and painful experience. And my eyebrows never looked good. Threading at THREADING DIVA is painless, relaxing and my eyebrows look perfect every time
-Lynn Gelin