Threading Services for Men and Women.
Threading for Men: Clean up your look by removing unwanted eyebrow hair with our Men's eyebrow shaping. We clean up ears if necessary.

Threading services for Women Eyebrows: Eyebrows act as a frame for the eyes. Well shaped eyebrows give neatness, expression and a balance to the face. Get more precise eyebrows using our threading services.

Upper Lip: Get smooth feeling around your lips using our threading services

Chin: Get that stubborn chin hair out, using our threading services

Forehead: Smooth your hairline and remove any unwanted hair around the forehead with our quick and painless threading service

Cheeks: remove any unwanted hair and get soft cheeks with our quick and painless threading service

Neck: Get rid of long unwanted hair on the neck area with our quick and painless threading service

Side burn threading: Clean sideburns with threading

Full Face Threading The full face threading treatment removes all unwanted hair from the face leaving skin perfectly smooth and flawless.